Friday, October 30, 2009

Majority does not rule

I graduated from Illinois State University.  My Logic professor was adamant that 'the majority always rules.'  I would love to talk with him now.  I felt that was a wrong sentence, but could never prove it until 8 years ago and today.  Condo living is restricting.  I cannot have a puppy or a garden.  If I want them, I will move. However, our condo association planted a row of landscape and gave everyone the chance to air their opinions.  I published here on the blog the finished product.  After completion of the landscaping, 6 people didn't like it.  They came up with a 'doctors note' that they were allergic to it.  Why would anyone move to Florida if they are that allergic to anything?  Out of 134  (most of which love the new plantings), the landscape came out. Where are you professor??  There is a before and after (pretty barren).
I am also including my door buddy - Ms Bewitched.
Blessings, Janet

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