Sunday, August 26, 2007

New addition: Alien

I want to introduce my newest addition to the doll family. Alien is crochet. Notice that he put his nose on his chest!! He has a tuft of hair, I think he's try to be normal, whatever that is.

I did a show and tell with my doll (first picture posted) and the quilt group thought I should teach. However, she is my first doll and I want to become much more experienced before I try to teach dolls. I love trying everything before I settle on one.

The Jacksonville quilt show in Sept. should be quite fun since we stop on the way up and on the way back at quilt and antique shops. What fun.

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  1. Alien is awesome! I'm pretty new at doll-making too. It can be challenging when the sewing gets teeny tiny on the fingers. Welcome the blogosphere. I'd love to see what else you make!