Thursday, April 9, 2009

Multiplying Bunnies

Sorry about the time between posts. Who gave computers rights? Email has been mostly out since March 5 when the power took me out and I've been off and on with the hard drive. . .since!

I've been busy with the bunnies. . .or I should say behind my back they've been busy too. Two of them went to new homes. . .may they continue to multiply there. Two others are going to my daughter and grandson and the rest of the bunnies are going to the other grands who will be here for Easter, YEA! Four of them are so shy all you see are their cute puffs.

I can't wait to show you what I purchased on the FabShopHop. It's going on now and through the rest of April. Join in and see all the wonderous fabrics, quilt shops and fun to be had. She is putting them in the mail as I write. The quilt shops are run by the most fabulous understanding people, their customer service continues to amaze me.

Cannot post pictures. . .computer is being stubborn. I will post pictures when I can get it working again, sorry.
Thank you, God Bless

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