Monday, September 28, 2009

Little Witch Doll

Gearing up for the next holiday.  I tried a new pattern, but those don't work, so I had to fix it.  I think she could qualify for a Prim.  My first.  I guess joining the Prim Doll group has rubbed off on me. Lil' Witch did not start out Prim. . . she just became her own self.  I love it when they do that.
After church, there was a Sulky Applique seminar at Laura's Sew and Vac. Quite a lot of information to take in.  I also won 6 stabilizers and varigated thread.


  1. Oh Janet ! Love her face , !!! I LOVE her!! Post her picture on Prim Doll Studio too
    She is Prim..Don't you just love how they insist on having their own way!
    I find this more often in Prim than when I am doing whimsical all attitudes!
    PS: you were so right about my santa,he is a first for me, and he is in his PJ'S