Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Three Girls

You know about Susie (I operated and her cataracts are now gone). When I went to a show at the fair grounds, I now also have another little one but w/o an arm.  She will be repaired.  Two nights ago my daughter found an old doll of her sisters. . . she was cold (she had put her in the trunk). . . AND she was bare butt naked. YIKES!  Is that a way to treat a doll???  I think not.  I found some 'make do' clothes and a towel until I could finish cleaning all the doll clothes I had recently found for Susie.  Now I have three girls.  No, I am NOT collecting dolls - is that what you all say?  Circumstances are such that I happen to have three dolls. As you can see, I have plenty of work to do.  Her fingernails are painted courtesy of the older sister. Don't know how to take (what looks like ink) dirt off her face.  She is rubber and she makes noises, oh, I guess we don't have to be made of rubber to make noises.  Enjoy, Blessing, Janet

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  1. Love your girls, I have a few myself. I enjoy getting them sort of in need of fixing and restoring them to beauty again. Iv'e gotten some pretty cheap and heave ended up with some really wonderful dolls. BTW I use paper clay to fix compo dolls boken fingers and such. Works great!!Anyway I left my link for you.. I joined as a follower. The paper clay doll I sculpted is the blue one on the older posts withe angel wings. Peace, Brenda