Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hi again,
Wanted to show my newest doll - Valentine. She is showing her knickers because she loves the lace and feels so special.  She isn't too happy she had to wait until I got back from the bus trip. Since it is 30 here, I had to wrap her up so she wouldn't freeze, although we all are freezing. The windows aren't made for this kind of 'gale' wind and the cold air (wind chill teens) is coming right through the windows.  I know my next fabric purchase WOOL for the drapes!!!  We didn't expect this nor for this long.  It's been since the end of December we've had temps like this -- without the wind, it would have been OK.  Blessings, Janet


  1. She is adorable!!!! I just love her little face!!! So cute!!!!
    hugs carla

  2. Janet ~ She is soooooo adorable and so creative and well done ~ are you selling them? Etsy? Keep up the great work! hugs & namaste,
    Carol (artmusedog)