Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I love the creativity that I see in Carol and her wonderful website. She makes dolls of all kinds healing, spiritual and now she is painting.  Her pictures are extraordinary.  She started create every day last year. I cannot be quite that persistent, but it is a good way to push your creativity to the limit as she is doing.
Last fall I have begun to draw and paint (the yellow cottage is my dream and I look at it daily so that I can find it). I've taken previous drawings (from a few years ago) and begun to paint them. I put things aside because I don't think they are good, but when I come back to them, the are OK.  Just as my dolls. . . time and space, they become OK. Enjoy Carols website.
Blessings, Janet

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  1. No siting of "yellow cottage" by the Sea ~ but thanks so much for being you & your lovely little sketches are wonderful ~ I see the joy & if you sketch everyday ~ it is like everything else ~ You get better & better ~ Thanks a million for your support ~ Look at your dolls ~ they are so cute & sooooooooo creative! Way to go, Janet ~ hugs & namaste, Carol