Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Owl and Eagle watching

I cannot tear myself away from the computer, not even to read blogs. Molly and McGee are proud parents of (so far) Max and Pattison, their owlettes.  We have two more eggs we are watching.  They are in CA being watched by schools and there have been 2M hits.  WARNING:  This is addicting.
I am also watching the eaglets, there are 3 new babies (hatched Mar 11, 13, 14).  There is a lot of information about the birds (both) on the website.  the Eagles are based in Norfolk VA. (They have viewing issues every once in awhile, but worth the wait.)
ENJOY!  Blessings, Janet

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  1. We've watched the nests before and really enjoyed it! Today we drove to the Gulf coast and saw a large adult was a thrill!