Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Working on it

As they say on NCIS.  I have a new baby that has been commissioned.  She is not quite done, but you get a sneak peek.  I need to get her done so I can play.  This weekend there is a craft show in Ft. Lauderdale and you know what is close by . . . Galleria mall and the Ocean.  Can't beat that.  It's been awhile since I've been out, so I am looking forward to it.  Are you all still looking for my cottage by the water?  I'll have to paint more pictures to remind me and you.  Thank you.  Blessings, Janet


  1. Hi!!! She is looking so cute!!! Wish I could go to the beach!!! Oh I went to Ft Lauderdale once and that is the only time I have been to the nice and relaxing!!! I went with work friends on memorial weekend in 97...have fun and hugs

  2. Your dolls are the cutest !