Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tambra's Birthday

I finally got the 2nd Ladder scarf (the wider one) finished the day before the birthday.  I still have one more to make that is more colorful.  The first one is an Italian Ladder Yarn with gray in it.  The second one is all black.  The third one has the colors of the rainbow.  She is quite happy with the two I have made.  In fact, I was working on the black one at Bee and my girlfriend Patti put in that the black one she wants for her birthday. At least I have 11 months to make that one.  I ordered the yarn from Turkey, can't get it here - it's discontinued according to Lion Brand.  So, now I go out of country to purchase.  I got it in 2-days. Yep, I upgraded, or as you can see, I would never have finished it in time.

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