Sunday, February 27, 2011

St. Patricks Day dolls part II

I am still making Green dolls.  These are dancing dolls that can be used as a pin, as an ornament or just a doll you may need to have in your pocket.  We all need to tell our secrets to someone, might as well be our own doll.  I even made a Blank, that's a doll that needs to be dressed by You.  Every one needs a doll for one reason or another.  I know you understand that.


  1. Hi!!! How are you doing!!! Feeling Green!!! I am part Cherekee part Irish!!! But did you see DollTown yet!!!! GO look!!!! HUGS

  2. Here is the doll town site!!!!

  3. I love these dolls ~ are they for sale on Etsy? and do they only come in green? wishing you the best in the day ~ ^_^