Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday - Award Day

My friend Carol at Art Muse Dog has honored me by presenting me with an award for being The Versatile Blogger.  \o/

I would like to honor the following three bloggers.  They are interesting, witty, creative and wonderful to hang out with.

Seven things about myself:

1.  I am grateful for this award and for all who have added me to their list of bloggers.

2.  I am a writer:    inspiringwritings

3.  I am a doll maker, designer and artist: jkwgalleries 

4.  I have 2 beautiful daughters, 6 wonderful grands, a sister and her family, and a 94 year old Daddy, Richard.

5. I have the best friends in the whole wide world who are Sisters to me.  You absolutely know who you are.

6. My faith in God is my foundation for living, creating, loving, and my dreams.  He guides me and right now I am looking at Cornwall UK as a destination.  But whatever he decides I know is best.

7. The owl box at Jill & Gary's place and their blog is awesome as is the Decorah Eagles. They give me the bit of nature that I need daily.  The chat is a close knit group that understands love, life and the needs of each other.



  1. Thank You So Much!!!! I am grateful that you chose me and my blog!!!! hugs

  2. Janet.. I am so honored that you think so much of me and my blog.. LOL of course it's all about me and the Pitty :)Most of my friends will second that statement!!
    I get so darn busy I don't get to look at the blogs like I use to.. I miss that! I am trying to stay away from FaceBook .. I use to spend way to much time on there.. now its Etsy trying to peddle an item or two... Once again dear one..thank you for this great honor!!

  3. Glad you are enjoying the award and sharing it ~ You deserve it! When you are in NH ~ perhaps you can come for a visit? would love to have you ^_^ Understand if it is not possible ~ Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Love the owls ~ so sweet ~ have you been reading about the baby eagles being raised in captivity because the Mom got killed ~ they will be released in August ~ google it ~

    So Sweet what you make and so filled with love ^_^