Thursday, July 7, 2011

Keepsake Quilting Center Harbor, NH

My main reason for visiting NH was to see my girlfriend and her family.  One of the happenstances for me was the annual sale for Keepsake Quilting and a happy surprise Knitting shoppe (huge) right next door.  The "Sale" included both stores.  I wasn't aware there were 2 happy stores (for me to peruse).  I met another girlfriend (we flew up together, she to see her mum).  The three of us had a wonderful, fulfilling time together.  Of course my girlfriends became friends too - always a happy day when your friends like your other friends and you can all have a great time together.
There are other shops in the area to see. We walked around the 'town' and peeked in at least a half dozen shops.  We walked to the cafe at the bottom of the hill on the lake and had a delicious wrapped sandwich.  Sam & Rosies Cafe and Bakery.  Decked out in latest Nascar pictures. Progressive is certainly a word I would use for NH food.

Notice the racing flag behind their name.

We walked around the park and the Gazebo where we all posed for pics.
Everywhere I looked there were mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee all around me.
A beautiful, fun experience. One that I hope to have here again.

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