Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Project

ASG had a brown bag fabric (and embellishment) exchange back in the Spring.  We have to utilize the fabric and bring it for Show & Tell this month.  I am just now working on mine. The fabric is pretty and I like it, but it didn't speak to me.  Finally, a new art doll pattern came into my head and a bag, so that's what I am making.  I decided to quilt the doll dress and the bag before putting them together.  This is a collage of thread ideas for the Back of the doll (unseen). I finally figured out how to work with the metallic threads. That was giving me fits.  The (hand) quilting raised little puffs (left curl) on the dress (backed with batting). I think the metallic will be fine, the variegated thread colors did not work so well (don't like the pink in it).  Just a preview of what is to come.

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