Friday, January 3, 2014

Antique Lamp

It took me awhile and several different picture ideas, but I came up with one that I remember from my grandmother.  Both my aunt (on daddy's side) and my grandmother (mom's mother) had tiffany type lamps.

Growing up with older ladies gave me an appreciation of art, objects that were different (their tables had feet) and that I never see the workmanship in furniture and other objects like that today. I do have a few of their tables (both grandmothers). . . albeit some lamps too, but not the tiffany type lamps.

I used 2 different cameras to try to show the glitter and gloss I used on the picture. . .just about time for a new camera, I can certainly see that.

The only other idea is to scan it (which I usually do, but glitter and the added gloss I used don't dry quickly.   I also used Prismacolor pencils AND Watercolor pencils.

Thank you, Thank you Eva and Kristin for your patience, your Paint Party Friday and all the work you do to give us artists a grand site to show our works.  It's a NEW YEAR 2014 and 52 weeks of wonder, learning, teaching, trying new art supplies. . . Yay!



  1. Beautiful Tiffany lamp. I saw a Tiffany exhibit a couple of years ago here in my city. Awesome.

  2. beautiful! I find it really hard to capture sparkle and glitter. We have several tiffany style lamps through out our home and love the colorful lighting. Happy PPF and happy 2014!

  3. Love your lamp! Happy New Year and happy PPF, Valerie

  4. I love your Tiffany lamp, glitter and gloss are very difficult to photograph. Hugs Annette x

  5. I have always found glitter so hard to capture! Love your version of the tiffany lamp!

  6. This is great. I like the way you treat it too.