Friday, July 11, 2014

Pastel Paris Stencil Dreams

I used a stencils, Pan Pastels, watercolor pencil and Dreams.

Thank you Eva and Kristin for a wonderful Paint Party Friday.  Sometimes, I'm late. . .but because of my love for art, I always want to be a part of this wonderful Party.

There are so many great artists and creative geniuses here. Be sure and visit all these treasured artists.

What you resist persists. Open your heart and welcome new experiences and conditions. Change is good. . .go forth to meet the good that awaits you.


  1. I think this is particularly effective.... love the sketchy Eiffel Tower...xx

  2. Beautiful, Paris is always worth visiting! Valerie

  3. Beautiful piece of my favorites!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Such a soft and sweet painting - I just love using Pan Pastels! Are you in the Summer of Color challenge - those were the colors for this week.

  5. so sweet....I am def. dreaming of Paris and France especially now as I am watching the Tour de France and just got a lovely surprise call from my aunt and cousin who live in the south of France.