Friday, November 18, 2016

Barn, Fish Pond and Tree filled with colors, Squirrel and Bird.

Prismacolor Pencils, Pens and Pastels
Fish pond, barn, Squirrel and bird in tree with red, gold and green leaves and Flowers
 Lamp in the window I used Primacolor pencils in 2013.
Thank you all for your comments. . .you are a big help and encouragement  to me. . I appreciate it.
Thank you to Kristin and Eva for a wonderful Artists place . . so helpful and some artists have teaching videos. Be sure to visit all Artists at Paint Party Friday.
Another Sunset this week.
 Red Leaves on some of the trees.
 Green and Gold leaves.
 Huge moon.
 Huge Moon and clouds.
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  1. I cannot use colored pencils. I also cannot capture the moon. You did both:-)

  2. Wow these two paintings are wonderful. My face is the light in the window. Your photos are simply amazing. Have a very nice weekend.

  3. The vase is wonderful, Janet. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos.

  4. Really like your lamp in the window. And your huge moon is neat, too!