Friday, December 9, 2016

UFO - Completed of a courtyard picture. . .Rain storm over the desert. . . Nature Photos. . . and the Moon

Finished (I think) Last week's Pastel/Pencil painting.

 Rainy Desert scene. . .UFO
I used Pencil, Pastels and acrylic . . .I will add a few more next week.   Thank you so much Kristin and Eva for this wonderful Paint Party Friday site . Many wonderful ideas from many artists are to be visited.  Thank you so much for the visit. I do get around to as many as I can. I appreciate the comments so much.

Horse is busy eating as I walk up and start talking to her.
What a surprise, she begins walking over to me.
She let me pet her nose. Such a sweetheart.
Squirrel on Pelican. . .some of the green trim around the patio post.
 Always look up. . .when the cloud rolled away, there it is. . .Moon.
 That night more clouds, but I did catch the moon before the clouds took over.
 My outside Christmas Decor. . . plus the greenery wrapped around the wrought iron.
Believe and act as if it were IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL. ~ Charles Kettering

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