Thursday, June 1, 2017

Barn Sketch and Photos

I was a bit early thinking Friday was yesterday. . . .
 I used pencils 2H and Prismacolor Ebony. I will add the background next.
Thank you Eva and Kristin for the Paint Party Friday gatherings. Thank you all for leaving comments. I appreciate hearing them; you all are a great help to me. I try to get to all of you, but timing is difficult.

 Squirrel at the Breakfast table.
 Squirrel waiting patiently for his turn.
 Gracie in her front yard. . .Fountain and Lamp light on left.
 Blue Sky and Clouds over the Arkansas River.
 Sundown over Ark. River and sun shining on buildings.
 Moon among the trees.
 Nighttime fountain and Lamp Light.
To avoid criticism, Do Nothing, Say Nothing, Be Nothing. ~ Elbert Hubbard


  1. Now this is my favorite barn art of yours. I can feel like there are some hidden treasures inside. Your photos are amazing. I love the night ones.

  2. wonderful Zeichnung the house and wonderful photos!
    Happy Day

  3. A lovely barn - it will be nice to see it as you add the background too.
    Those night time photos, the moon and the fountain's water are really nice Janet... the water's picking up little glints of light, so pretty :D)

  4. Lovely photos and art - I love a good sunset! Happy PPF!

  5. I always love barn paintings and drawings. This is so nice. Love the photos, too.

  6. Happy PPF. Nice share. Luv the clean lines in the barn sketch

    Much love...

  7. Great sketch Janet!! Well done...lovely photos too!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Wonderful barn sketch Janet! Please post it again when you add the background...I would love to see it finished! I love old barns :)
    Very nice photos, too~