Friday, January 5, 2018

A Walk on the Beach

FL GAL wanted to change it up. . . I miss the Beach especially because of how cold it is here. . so cold the pipes have burst.  Kittah, pups, sand castle, Palm tree. . .
Thank you Eva and Kristin for hosting Paint Party Friday, truly a place to have fun, learn new projects, ideas and products, The Friendship at Paint Party Friday is awesome among Artists.

Minx on Squirrel watch
 Minx waiting for me to come home.
 2 Squirrels at breakfast.
 One Squirrel high up for privacy.
 Barn, huge Tree, Picket fence and Back Yard.
 Horse hears me.
  Mid-Courtyard Fountain. . .ICED.
 Geese flying SE.
 Another type of bird. . .SouthWest .  . . YAY!
 Sunset in the backyard.
What you love you Empower. What you fear you Empower. What you EMPOWER you attract.  Gary Hensel


  1. A walk on the beach is so cute. It is difficult to walk on the beach I live on. To cold and windy. The beach is 1/2 mile away and we maybe go there once a year.

  2. What a sweet painting and I love your photographs as well!

  3. Oh remember the heat though and bundle up in the cold! I prefer cold to heat myself! Fun beach scene! Happy New year!

    Peace Giggles