Friday, April 13, 2018

Meteor shower

I thought about what I had seen last August and decided to try my hand at it. . .stars and partial moon with meteors zipping through above the trees. I used Pastels, Ink Stamp, spattering of acrylic and swiped them. . .just at Sunset.
Thank you Eva and Kristin for Paint Party Friday . . . a place to learn, comment and make Art. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I am encouraged and blown away by the talent and comments. Thank you so much.

 1920s house is so captivating to me.
 Brown horse is in front of the barn.
 Log house is in the back pasture. . .
 . . .as the gray horse stands in front of it.
 Blue Jay and Dove at the Bird table.
 . . and this little guy.
Squirrel having breakfast. . .
 . . Squirrel looking for more.
A Cardinal stopped by too.

Our Mallard ducks came back. . .
 . . .male and female. Good to see them again.
We have 2 fountains for them.
 “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” Carl Jung


  1. Magical Ajgust moonlight. Thanks for nice photos.
    Happy PPF ♥

  2. you've painted a beautiful tree landscape and your photos are also great from your surroundings!!!
    greetings Elke

  3. love your scenic tree art Janet! Looks like your inspiration is the lovely area you live in surrounded by nature. Happy PPF!

  4. Janet, your meteor shower painting is really gorgeous. How lucky are you!!! I've never seen a real meteor shower and it's not without trying. I've spent hours on a quilt trying to spot shooting stars.

  5. Wow I love this piece of art. Wonderfully done. Also your photos. You got some great shots this week.

  6. Love your meteor shower painting! One of my faves of yours! Cute critter visitors too.

  7. I love that you recreated a memory, that's so cool! Happy PPF!

  8. Stunning artwork...I think you found your style! Great photos too! Good job!

    Peace Giggles

  9. Your peace is lovely, so peaceful. How lucky you are to have so many creatures in your life. Thanks for sharing photos!

  10. I LOVE this piece. How wonderful--and your photos are really fun, too.