Friday, May 11, 2018

Yellow Cottage in the Mountains . . .waterfall . . and Pictures of the Week

 Mountains (some snow), waterfall, trees, Yellow Cottage and car.  I used Pastels, Prismacolor Pencils, ink pen, acrylic paint and marker.   It took me a number of full days to take the art classes on line, sorry I was unable to see any art this week. I have another class (not art) that is a variety of issues. . .so will be busy for another week. I appreciate your comments and thoughts so much thank you. Thank you Kristin and Eva for hosting this great Paint Party Friday.

 Tired Squirrel peeking over the edge.
 Our mid-court fountain.
 MOON the other night.
 Moon and Tree.
 1920s house, I never get tired of seeing this one.
 Very unique trees . . .clouds behind.
 Minx watching the birds and the squirrels.
 Bunnies in the backyard.
 Bunny in the shadows.
 One of my favorite trees, almost perfect.
You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. CS Lewis


  1. Hello Janet, that's such a lovely mountain scene. I do love the yellow cottage.
    Beautiful photos... how cute is that squirrel, just hanging around! Sweet bunnies too.
    Cheers and Happy PPF! :D)

  2. Hi Janet. This car looks like it is in snow. That squirrel poses for you now. Great shots of the moon.

  3. Happy PPF Janet!!!
    Lovely use of mixed media on this colorful and pretty piece of art!
    Your photos are always lovely~


  4. How pretty your painting is! I loved the pic of the bunny especially.