Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Big Doll Project

The Dipsy Doodle Doll group I belong to had a challenge.  We had a doll figure to use, but the rest was up to us.  They were to be "ME" dolls.  I put ME on a background of my Future.  I have a couple of cottage scenes, on the water (notice shell) with a puppy.  I have a scene of Italy or France and grapevines for travel.  My BELIEVE is strong and I am going toward my future in everything I do.  Remember the cottage by the water I painted and posted?  Help me find it and you can visit.  I zigzaged varigated thread on the seams, added lace and ribbon. I also added glitter to flowers and a few grapes, the sand, ocean and sky.  I may not be done with the embellishments. I crocheted my hat and bag (bag has heart charm) and am wearing a thumb ring and polished my nails. . . . no tattoos.  ENJOY!
Blessings, Janet

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  1. Very nice doll...Glad you keep looking toward your hearts desire~