Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My First Sewing Machine

I had to take pictures of my sewing room for the ASG newsletter.  So, thought I would share my First sewing machine with you.
I received the sewing machine when I was about 5 years old.  I loved that sewing machine, I do not remember what I made on it. My grandmother had a treadle machine and I do remember sewing on that one too.  I guess this was pre-electricity \o/  Those were the days.  There was an ice man for the refrigerator, no we did not live in the country.  We were a block from the railroad tracks, my grandpa was retired from railroad work.  We had a roundhouse and I remember other than the 3 o'clock shift change whistle, you never wanted to hear it blow . . . meant an accident.  We lived a long way from the roundhouse, but I remember hearing it. I lived in Normal, yep, I am from Normal. Probably the only Normal person in FL. I'll stop with the fun stuff and let you enjoy the machine! By the way, it is soothing to hear a train today because I grew up with them so close.  I miss that.  If you remember, that was one of the things I noticed about Lakeland. Blessings, Janet

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