Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Barn Owls and Kestrel Box site

Watching more owls.  Please wait a bit for site to come in.  They are so cute.  The little one eats whole already.  Mom and dad had been staying in the owl box together with the little ones.  Apparently he was a bachelor for 2 years. He met his lady and she came and settled in.  They have 3 little ones. Actually, the oldest is pretty big now.  It feeds my curiosity of watching the animals.  I can hear birds all day long in the background as I go about my business (it is too hot to have the windows open now).  And I've heard a train (I miss that because I have always lived around tracks all my life until now).  A very great webcam in the UK.  At the very bottom of the page is a Kestrel box on line also.  Blessings, Janet

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