Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Thoughts

I have found a wonderful new place to purchase fresh fruits (organic) and vegetables. The meats have no hormones or additives and the food (because it is always fresh) tastes exceptional. I am trying dishes that appeal in flavor and looks.  I tried Giada's vegetables recipe and not only does it look good, it tastes good. I had not cooked with shallots or Kalamari olives before. With the Thyme, they turned out spectacular. Fresh Market is the best store to trust, shop and I always have a smile when I go there.
New thoughts, yes I still need my cottage by the water, however, the garden idea has now given way to an herb and flower garden.  I'll let Fresh Market do the fruits and veggies.  But the puppy is coming up as soon as I find the cottage.  Where is that cottage?  Blessings, Janet

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