Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two more aprons completed

I finished, but had not put them up, two more aprons completed. They are fun to do, a bit of hand work, but that's good too.  I love Roosters in everything, so these were a trial to see which looked better. My daughter is in love with the black ruffle.  But I ran out of black fabric, so will go to the store for more. Blessings, Janet


  1. Totally charming Jan! Love the brown underskirt!
    My Meme would have liked one of these! I love aprons-so nostalgic. They make one feel like Donna Reed!

    Thanks for your visit--always love it!

    love, kelee

  2. Hi Janet, they are soooo sweet. I love the colors. How fun it would be to wear these.

    Barb ♥