Monday, August 2, 2010

Weight Loss help

At different times in my life, I have been a bit too heavy.  20 years ago I used a weight loss tape with total success from Potentials Unlimited.  I have, over the years, replaced 2 tapes and given them as gifts to people who wanted help in losing weight.  At that time, I lost 30 pounds.  I say over the years b/c I also used it to stop smoking, yes the weight loss tape.  I was with a smoker and had picked it up fortunately only for a few years, but it was still hard to quit.

Now, I find that I have gained weight over the past 10 years again, I had decided to eat nothing but fresh fruits and veggies and to eat meat only without antibiotics, fillers, etc.  Fresh Market is THE store for all your grocery shopping.  They do have Greek yogurt too.  The diet is for the healthy blood tests, but I find that the combination of diet and tape, I have also lost 16 pounds so far.  For exercise/weights I also use the total gym, the easy shaper and the treadmill.

I look better, I feel better and the food tastes so much different than anything else when it's fresh and cooked only slightly.  I hope this helps.  Blessings, Janet

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