Thursday, August 26, 2010

Witchlette Orphanage

What have I been doing?  I realize I've been silent.  One item I cannot show is for the Villain Challenge at Cloth Doll Artistry (see badge at right). The other is the 6 little Witchlettes for the Cob Web Orphanage. The are all dressed in matching jumpers to identify their witchlette status.  They have hats and well, I think they lost some of their things, I'll have to go find them. Their hats are all different, they had to crochet them and some of them don't hold the hook too well. The teens are managing them, but the Director overseas all of them.  They are on Etsy and you can catch a glimpse on the right below.


  1. Aw These are the sweetest little witches!!!! Cheered me up!!! Thanks!!! Can't wait to see your villian!!!! hugs

  2. I love your dolls! They are the reason I follow you and click over here to see MORE!

  3. these are your blog!

  4. So glad you visited my blog and happy I came to see yours -- it's delightful. I, too, have started over and know what that is like. I'm happy to know another dollmaker - I don't know many yet. :-)