Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas Monday

Log Cabin, Horses, Fence & Snow
 I had to try the new Inktense colors.. .. makes Great Snow. . .with Pastels and pencil. I love experimenting and Paint Party Friday is a great place to become familiar with what's out there and how to use it. Everyone is so wonderful and helpful. Plus the comments are enlightening and new things are always in the mix for me. Thank you Eva and Kristin.  . . .and a Special Thank you for visiting. . . I try to get to everyone each week.
 Squirrel at Breakfast and Fountain behind.
 Squirrel and Reflections in my bedroom window.
 Barn, Picket fence. . .horses and 2 pastures.
 Sometimes a gal just wants to be left alone to eat her peanut.
 Minx on the buffet . . .ummmm Moms home,
don't be doing that.
 2 Horses in the back pasture with their coats on.
 Six on 6 only news helicopter in the area.
 I was out at night to catch the horse (foreground)
and there is Christmas decorations out.
 2 fighter jets going over.
 Red Bird in the bushes in the backyard.
 He came right up to me. . .
 . . .love this.
Philanthropist Bernard Baruch  “The ability to express an idea is well-nigh as important as the idea itself.”


  1. Lovely snow... never heard about inktense colors before (but I'm still at the beginning).
    So cute squirrels and I like the cardinal. We haven't them here in Germany, but I often read about (in the cat-criminal nouvels of Lillian Jackson Brown).
    Merry Christmas time

  2. Lovely photos - it looks like snowing in your painting. Merry Christmas.

  3. LOVE your snowy scene Janet-well done! Wonderful photos too. Happy PPF and a Merry Christmas too!

  4. Ohh you are right they do make great snow. Your photos are excellent. I love the horses. Thank you so much for this year of sharing your art. You are always trying new things and I love seeing the results. Have a very Merry Christmas and the best 2018.

  5. Your artwork is beautiful with all that snow! Love that little red bird! Maybe the horse was looking for his Christmas carrot! We used to have a horse next door when Cupcake was little we took him apples and carrots all the time! Merry Christmas Janet!

    Peace Giggles


  6. wonderful artwork!!!
    happy Merry Christmas and happy new Year!
    Greetings Elke